Welcome!  I hope this web site is informative and helpful to you and your business.

This blog will be the “dumping ground” of my mind. I will, from time to time, share experiences from the business world based upon my interaction with clients.

NO WAY will I compromise the confidentiality of my working relationships by ever mentioning names, companies or locations.

I also plan to have snippets of seminars posted here. If you like the content of the seminar, please respond on the “Contact Us” page. I will endeavor to add more details to the subject matter if so desired by my visitors.

I will start with a Primer on inter-personal communications that enhance working relationships. So, sit back, read and, by all means, ask questions.


Here’s an interesting story about whom I consider to be the master of common sense, Ray Kroc – the founder of McDonald’s Corporation.

In the early days of McDonald’s, Ray had a particular interest in the design and building of new stores.

This particular day he was inspecting the construction site of a new designed building.

In his meeting with the architect, Ray asked a simple question, “Where are you going to put the cement walk from the parking lot to the store”.

The architect pulled out the site plan and showed Ray the drawing, commenting on the fact that it “was the most convenient path for the customer”.

“How do you know”, asked Ray.

After some ‘mumble jumble’ from the engineer, Ray cut him off short.

“Just plant grass all the way around the building”, said Ray.

“The customers will show you where to put the walk. Just put it where the grass is worn”!

The moral of that story is that often times the solution to a problem is not complicated. We just need to watch and listen to our customers!


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