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Food ConsultingCONSULTING

Timothy E. R. Moulson has been consulting with franchisees in a variety of companies over the past 30+ years. Through a culmination of observation, working shoulder-to-shoulder or planning meetings, TERM Management Consulting International helps identify strategies that work. Every consultation ends with an Executive Summary that includes solid action plans and a follow-up strategy that ensures success.

TERM Management Consulting International, Ltd. treats all its clients with the utmost confidentiality, is always accessible and untiring. Our by-word is: “Whatever it takes”.


We have recently utilized Tim to open our last 2 Wendy’s restaurants here in New Zealand.  Tim took full responsibility for the operational aspects of the store openings including being on hand almost 24 hours a day for the first 4 weeks of trading as well as the 3 weeks prior.  Tim’s extensive experience, fun manner and infinite energy meant that these openings have been the most successful ever in terms of training, customer satisfaction, process implementation, pre and post opening costs, and ongoing cost management particularly of food and labor. Tim goes above and beyond to ensure that the openings are smooth and trouble free and will turn his hand to anything to get the job done.”

Danielle Lendich
CEO Wendco,( NZ) Ltd.


Restaurant Operations ManagementOPERATIONS MANAGEMENT

TERM Management Consulting International can, at the client’s request, “manage”  the operations of a company to ensure implementation of the consulting results.

This takes consulting out of the “theoretical” box and puts plans to action with the desired results.

Demonstrating and teaching the application of systems, strategies and action plans, side-by-side with Management and Staff, is a strength of TERM.


It’s difficult to put a value on Tim’s interpersonal skills but it is quite fair to say his interactions with managers, crew, construction crew and most importantly, guests are superb.  He lends the kind of role modeling and leadership that is proven to lead to consistency and sales building.  I’ve worked with him for years, but have not seen him in this role before, he is fun to watch!  His energy is infectious.

Dave Kessinger
Franchise Area Director
Wendy’s Company


Seminars and Keynote SpeakingSEMINAR & EVENT SPEAKING

Timothy E. R. Moulson is available to speak at corporate functions, planning meetings or awards presentations. Highly skilled in this function, he has not only spoken at many events but has also written for, trained and coached high level executives in delivering their convention speeches.
Highly animated and energetic, Mr. Moulson’s deliveries are inspiring, motivating and entertaining. Riddled with humor, his key points are well remembered long after the presentation.



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