Firefly gets A grades

FIREFLY Tapas Kitchen & Bar

8/27/2013   I highly recommend Timothy Moulson and TERM Management Consulting International to any foodservice or hospitality company looking for a congenial, yet professional sanitation and food safety expert.   … Continue Reading →

TERM’s Hints to Better Management

Less Product Produced, More often. Less Talking; More Listening. Less Excuses; More reasons. Less “Can’t”; More “Can”. Less problems; More solutions. The person that gives the direction owns the responsibility … Continue Reading →


4 essentials to exist in the restaurant business: First: Good food means fresh, well prepared, well presented, properly portioned with variety and consisted accuracy. Second: The dining environment must have … Continue Reading →


THERE IS NOTHING MORE UNCOMMON THAN COMMON SENSE Certainly a much-used expression when people don’t complete a task the way YOU think it should be done. One thing that most … Continue Reading →


“YOU GET MORE BEES WITH HONEY THAN YOU DO WITH VINEGAR”! Simply put, if you treat people fairly, in a positive and motivating way and with respect, you will receive … Continue Reading →


“ IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, OR YOU THINK YOU CAN’T – YOU’RE RIGHT!”  Attitude is everything! I often think of gymnasts who stand on that narrow balance beam and … Continue Reading →


“ NONE OF US IS AS GOOD AS ALL OF US” A cohesive work environment with everyone working towards the same goal is essential for a profitable business. This is … Continue Reading →


“ GET BACK TO BASICS” This term is often used when a business is not succeeding as well as it did in previous times. In my career with large franchise … Continue Reading →


Welcome!  I hope this web site is informative and helpful to you and your business. This blog will be the “dumping ground” of my mind. I will, from time to … Continue Reading →